Final Girl, Abigail Breslin

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Abigail Breslin is the new gal in town in her upcoming flick Final Girl, and based on this exclusive clip, it's going to be thrilling (to say the least).

The creepy scene shows the former child actress alongside Alexander Ludwig as the two battle it out over who can show the most intense glare in a café.

OK, in actuality, Breslin is shown sitting in a corner booth all to herself as Ludwig—looking handsome in a suit, we might add—makes his way over to the actress.

"This seat taken?" he asks, before she cleverly replies, "Just by you."

The two have chemistry that you can cut with a knife, and as their conversation grows, viewers begin to realize there's something more sinister that lies beneath the surface.

"My god, you are beautiful," he tells her as she sips on a milkshake. "How is it that I've never seen you before?"

Breslin answers, "Maybe it's because I just moved to town?"

And before you can even say "sexual tension" the actor swoops in, grabs her drink and finishes the very last drop. Rude, much?

Well, you'll have to catch the full movie when it hits theaters on August 14th to find out how she handles the situation, but it's safe to say that the clip leaves us wanting to see much, much more.

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