Multimasking: Is This New Beauty Trend the Answer to Perfect Skin?

How to layer masks for a perfect complexion

By Taylor Stephan Aug 13, 2015 5:54 PMTags
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Chin breakouts, under-eye bags and oily T-zones? Jetsetter Chrissy Teigen knows the drill.

What is multimasking, you ask? Think of the latest viral beauty craze, like contouring, but in face-mask form. As of late, beauty bloggers and industry insiders are championing the patchwork face mask trend as a way to get supermodel-perfect skin. But does applying specific masks to targeted areas of our face really work wonders?

To get to the root of it, celebrity aestheticians Kate Somerville and Joanna Vargas weighed in.

"It's so important to take the time to assess your skin and your concerns," urged Kate. "Think of your skin as having different eco systems. Not every area has the same characteristics and concerns." So, if you're acne prone on your chin and dry on your checks, Kate absolutely recommended a mix-and-match masking regime once or twice a week for optimal results.

T-Zone: Tackling your T-zone and chin is all about oil control. Kate reccomended looking for sulfur-based products like Kate's EradiKate Mask, which vacuums out pesky blackheads and whiteheads.

Lips: "Lips are so neglected in the same way as the eye area–both are very thin and delicate," mentioned Vargas. To remedy, add a rejuvenating lip mask like Bite Beauty's Agave when lips are feeling lifeless and parched.

Cheeks: The high points of your face (cheeks and upper forehead) get the most sun exposure. As a result, dryness, hyperpigmentation and lack of volume are the most common concerns. Treat hyperpigmentation with a collagen-boosting and skin-brightening vitamin C-containing masks like Bosica's Vitamin C Brightening Hydrogel Mask. To knockout dryness, smear on a nourishing version containing hyaluronic acid like Caudalie's Moisturizing Mask.

Eyes: Address crow's feet and fine lines with a mask containing anti-aging peptides, which encourage cell turnover, like HydroPeptide's Purifying Mask. For dark circles, try something with caffeine and light diffusing pigments like Fresh's Black Tea Firming Mask, and to de-puff tired eyes, look for a mask with oxygen-delivering antioxidants, like Kat Burki's Hibiscus Antioxidant Face Mask.

But, hey, just because you're a pro at multimasking now doesn't mean you should ditch your one-mask-at-a-time ways all together. Joanna recommended keeping sheet masks handy for travel. She often "encourages clients to use them on the plane, for a quick boost before the weekend and right before you put on makeup to make the skin look flawless."