Rosie Perez Did Not Quit The View Early Over Kelly Osbourne's Controversial Latino Comments: Get the Details

"Rosie's days off were scheduled the day before Kelly was a guest on The View," a show source tells E! News

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Are Kelly Osbourne's controversial comments still sending shock waves through The View

A new report in the Daily Mail surfaced today claiming that Rosie Perez quit the ABC talk show early because she was "forced" to apologize to Osbourne following the guest co-host's remarks about Donald Trump and Latinos. 

"If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet, Donald Trump?" the 30-year-old Osbourne said, later apologizing for her choice of words. 

While Perez appeared initially taken aback, she defended Kelly at the end of the show and later tweeted that her heart is "so pure and righteous." But was she forced to by ABC execs, as the Mail's story suggests? 

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"Laughably false," a source tells E! News of the report. "Rosie's days off were scheduled the day before Kelly was a guest on The View. What she said at the end of the show and what she tweeted to Kelly were entirely genuine. No one made her do anything. And she and Kelly spoke after the show."

Perez's planned exit from the show after co-hosting for a mere 10 months was previously confirmed to E! News in early July. 

"You guys all heard [the news]. I've decided that it's time to move on and I will say that today is very bittersweet for me," Perez said while bidding a tearful goodbye to the show last month. "I am excited for what is to come but I am so sad to leave The View, the staff, the producers, ABC and especially these two ladies," she said through her tears, pointing at Whoopi Goldberg and Nicolle Wallace.

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A second source insists that Perez did not quit early and says her last day was always scheduled to be Aug.5, adding that the actress was pre-taping segments at the time because she had a prior commitment in Vegas. 

The source also says Rosie was asked to tweet the apology because "Kelly was having a complete meltdown. She was the one screaming and crying" and Perez decided to post the tweet because she felt bad for Kelly since she was "such a mess."

Furthermore, the insider insists there were no screaming matches between Rosie and The View producers. "Kelly was the only one screaming," the source says.

However, a third source tells E! News, "Kelly did not cry, scream or an ask for an apology. She took responsibility for her words." 

—Additional reporting by Holly Passalaqua

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