Matt Damon will always be on Ben Affleck's team.

At the Project Greenlight premiere in L.A. Monday, Matt told E! News' Erin Lim that "of course" he and Ben lean on each other during tough times. This mutual support is unwavering even amidst great controversy—yes, even Deflategate.

"They've got no evidence on Tom [Brady]," said Matt, a New England Patriots super fan. "This is insane! I would destroy my phone if the NFL was trying to get into my personal business!"

As for Ben? As a die-hard Pats fan, he's doing his best to stay strong as Boston's beloved star athlete tries to fight that 4-game suspension. "Just say the name Tom Brady, he'll crack into a big smile—anytime," said Matt.

So is there hope...for Tom, that is? "Are you kidding me?" asked Matt. "He's the greatest quarterback of all time. Nothing but hope for Tom. He's gonna be great."

Fortunately Ben is also "great," Matt said at the Project Greenlight premiere, the show brought back to HBO in collaboration with Adaptive Studios (via Yahoo! Movies). Of course, the Argo star is undoubtedly dealing with some drama in his personal life (Ben and Jennifer Garner are in the midst of getting a divorce after 10 years of marriage), but Matt will always be there to listen.

The guys "don't think of ourselves as a bromance as much," said Matt with a laugh. "But, yeah, we've been friends for....34 years! That's a long time."

Indeed, it is! So what else did he have to say about Ben, his upcoming birthday and plans for moving forward? Watch the clips above to find out!

Project Greenlight returns to HBO Sept. 13.

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