Just how much Madonna (who's still married to that guy named Guy, by the by) likes swinging on A-Rod's bat is such old news.

Now it's all about the divorce, a split we harked on first ages ago. And it's getting nasty as hell, the latest being that Ritchie and Madonna are trying to use their kids—and where they live—in the battle between estranged hubby and wife.

We've been hearing for ages that M's tiring of her adopted home, England, and wants to move back to New York, where some people actually buy her British accent. But this would create a major custody predicament, as Guy has made it plain he has no intention of leaving the U.K., where he prefers to have his mommy and daddy fight his PR wars for him in the press, in case you haven't pathetically noticed.

Now Madge's camp finally weighs in. Well, sort of:

"Just because Madonna's brother, with whom she hasn't spoken in years, is conjecturing on where she will live," Liz Rosenberg, keeper of all things Madonna, barked exclusively to the Awful Truth, "nothing has been announced, nor do I have any specific information about where Madonna will live."

OK now, class, let's analyze this. Previously, when everybody and their busybody noses were asking for comment about Madonna's crumbling marriage, Liz said everything was hunky-dory.

So listen up, I'm a goss columnist; I know how these things get coded: For Liz to not only blame sell-out Christopher Ciccone for the Madonna-ditching-England info (C.C.'s hardly the only one letting this one slip, regarding A-Rod's honey) and to get so pissy about it, darlings, it's all but a confirmation!

On the fact that M's the hell out of foggy Dodge, that is. Trust. With or without those kiddies (probably the former).

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