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Your time in the broken-up couple spotlight is over, Kermit and Miss Piggy, now it's The X-Files Mulder and Scully's turn. Yes E! News has learned the iconic X-Files partners-turned-partners are no longer together. But before you go praying to your UFO "I Want To Believe" poster, hear me out: This is a good thing!

It's been seven years since we saw David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as the beloved FBI agents/paranormal investigators and that was in The X-Files: I Want To Believe, a movie not everybody loved. Their last scene together on screen? Rowing off into the sunset, quite literally.

A lot can happen in seven years and a lot can happen in the six episodes Fox is giving viewers this winter. Don't go off halfcocked calling for a boycott or tweet campaign to get them back together. Let the story be told.

Some of the best episodes of The X-Files took place before Mulder and Scully knocked boots and had (and then gave away) William. But just because they're broken up doesn't mean they'll go back to that previous partner dynamic. The split lets Chris Carter and the writers play with something entirely new. We've seen them as strangers, as friends, as lovers and now something so different it's exciting. Bring on the new dynamic! Embrace the change.

From the clip, which isn't going to be released to the public just yet, there doesn't seem to be any animosity between them. In fact, Scully goes to Mulder out of concern and he speaks at length about his newest take on the big conspiracy theory. At one point Mulder even says, "The truth is out there." Both get very heated.

It's a new take on Mulder and Scully, one that was perhaps necessary. Yes, there can still be friction between a married couple (even Duchovny and Anderson have been quick to point out they were never really sure what the characters were in I Want to Believe) working together, but would fans tolerate seeing the break up on screen only to have them get back together again by the end of episode six or leave them in relationship limbo? Full disclosure: We here at E! News don't yet know if they'll end up back together. With this current path, viewers get something new and game changing. Seeds of hope can be planted for those who want the duo back together. It's the next chapter for Mulder, Scully, The X-Files and X-Philes everywhere.

Regardless of their status, they're still quite the pair. As viewers everywhere know, you can't really replicate the dynamic and chemistry between Duchovny and Anderson, so let's enjoy the new Mulder and Scully relationship status. Let's enjoy the new X-Files. And don't forget the most important fact: they're coming back!

If you're still not sold, at least know Duchovny and Anderson still are on great terms in real life. See the above birthday tweet Duchovny sent to "G woman."

The X-Files returns to Fox on Sunday, Jan. 24.

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