Does John Mayer (or Anyone) Need Two Cell Phones?

The singer, and others, find the need to talk on two phones are once, shouldn't you?

By Leslie Gornstein Nov 14, 2008 6:01 PMTags
John MayerDHA/Fame Pictures

Why do celebrities have so many cell phones? Every time I see them in photos or on reality shows, they have a different phone or even two at once! What's the deal?

A reporter once asked the same question of an assistant to Russell Simmons, who was working two cell phones at the time. "One cell phone isn't enough to take all the calls," the assistant replied.

Did Brenda Song die?

No. And quit asking me whether she's a virgin.

What are some careers where you could possibly come in contact with famous people?

Concierging at the Four Seasons on Doheny in Beverly Hills. Those guys straighten dozens of bow ties on Oscar night, and they aren't being worn by valets.

My friend and I are arguing about the status of Gerard Butler: I say he's more of an appetizer than a meal itself. She says he's a A-list, and you only need one hit to walk among the heaven-picked A+.

Do you see the glue-eaters in Jesustown, USA, gabbing about how they can't wait to see that new Gerard Butler movie? No? Then your friend is wrong. Until that time comes, Butler will remain in the chicken-satay category, a far cry from the 24-ounce Will Smith porterhouse.

I heard Smallville is in its final season! Is it true?
—Jazlan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A spokeswoman tells me there has been no decision made yet. Such announcements usually aren't disclosed until May, but if this show is going to end, fans will probably know before the end of the season, I am told.

I wanted to write to you about the Katee Sackoff pictures that I took down from my fan site. During one convention conversation, the topic of those pictures came up, and Katee mentioned how much she hated them. I asked her if she would prefer that we not have them on the site, and she said yes, so I removed them. In fact, Katee doesn't spend much time online at all. Too much crap in BSG fan sites to deal with.
—Kate Ebneter, Webmaster,

Or too many frakkin' Cylons to kill. They look like us, now, you know.

Why is Christina Aguilera coming out with a greatest hits album when she only has had three albums come out? Why wouldn't she just record new music?

Well, there are two new singles on the best-of, and Aguilera has said she's preparing to start a whole new studio album next year. In fact, we already know the direction: Reportedly, it's electronic, or, at the very least, somewhat futuristic and fun. She's also said that Australian singer-songwriter Sia is already on board to collaborate.

As for why she's doing a best-of album, RCA reps wouldn't answer that direct question. But this should get you rubbing your chin conspiratorially: It's coming out just in time for the holidays.

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