Bad Mom


Writing a simple blog post to voice your opinion on something?! What is this…2005?! Get that weak s--t out of here because if you really want to get your message across, you better make a viral video.

Mommy blogger Deva Dalporto and her friends have created a really cool song parody set to Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" that's meant to serve as a warrior cry to end moms judging other moms, aka Mommy Wars. It's called "Bad Mom," and it basically calls out any parent whoever looked down on another mom for raising their children differently.

"The mommy wars. Stay-at-home moms vs. working moms. Breastfeeding moms vs. formula moms. C-section moms vs. home birth moms. When is it going to end? When are we going to realize we're all just doing our best? When are we going to understand that what works for one family might not work for another?" writes Dalporto on her blog. "Motherhood is hard enough without us ripping one another to shreds, as fun as it was to beat my friends with a vacuum. Let's end the mommy wars. Today."

Dalporto posted the full lyrics to her website, but our personal favorite is below:

"You c-section was scheduled, your home birth was mental/ I used a birthing doula, So mama you're just a bad mom, hey!"

Taylor Swift would be proud. She's a mother, too, after all.  To cats. That's the same thing as raising a human being, right?

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