Jennifer Aniston vs. Angelina Jolie: The Vogue Battle

The eternally feuding actresses show up on their respective mag covers in similar dresses surrounded by sand. Will this showdown ever end?

By Jennifer Cady Nov 12, 2008 8:10 PMTags
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We really do hope that one day in the near future, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston will be able to coexist on this planet without the need to passive-aggressively taunt each other with every celebrity profile. (Perhaps under an Obama administration?)

In the meantime, they’re not even trying, so why should we?

In interviews, Angie mentions falling in love with Brad Pitt during Mr. & Mrs. Smith; Jen calls her “uncool.” Angie goes on and on about babies, kids, more babies and knives for babies; meanwhile, Jen has a really cute dog and this tree. Angie gushes about Brad being “an amazing father: totally devoted,” but that’s all good because Jen and John Mayer totally “adore one another."

And now their Vogue covers are taking this feud to a whole new level.

Angelina was featured on January 2007’s cover in a sexy, cleavage-revealing red dress surrounded by a sandy landscape. And—what a coincidence—Jen is too in the upcoming issue.

Do you think there will ever be an end to the Aniston-Jolie feud? And since it's not over as of this moment, why don't you tell us which version of Vogue you prefer.