Hilary Duff Reveals She Was Judged After She Stopped Breastfeeding Luca, Talks ''Mommy Wars'' With Sister Haylie

"I think we've both dealt with judgment and judgment since becoming parents," the singer admitted to E! News

By Alyssa Toomey Aug 07, 2015 6:28 PMTags
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Sisters Hilary and Haylie Duff are teaming up to fight back against mom judgment. 

The 27-year-old actress, who is a mom to 3-year-old Luca, and the 30-year-old food blogger, who welcomed her first child, daughter Ryan, about three months ago, stopped by the E! News studio on Thursday to chat about their new Similac's Sisterhood of Motherhood campaign called Sisterhood Unite, which encourages moms to support each other instead of pass judgment—and clearly, it's a project that both beautiful mamas are passionate about. 

"I think we've both dealt with judgment and judgment since becoming parents or even just being pregnant about to have a baby," Duff explained. "The judgment kinda begins like 'Are you going to have an epidural? Are you going to have a natural birth?' You just feel judged talking to other moms and seeing their reaction or what they say to you." 

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She continued, sharing an anecdote from her own personal life. 

"I know I felt judged once—I breastfed Luca for six or seven months and then started supplementing with formula, and I felt judged having that conversation with people," the Younger star revealed. 

With regards to the Similac campaign, the mother of one said she and her sister "wanted to be a part of something so positive. And really help spread the word about this community and start this conversation online where mothers can share their stories," she explained, "And share what they're going to do to fight against this judgment and be on a team together instead of these mommy wars that happen." 

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While Haylie said she hasn't experienced as much judgment as her sister because she is a new mom, she did admit that "choosing not to post pictures of my daughter yet was me kind of subconsciously trying to shield her from judgment or anything that comes along with that." 

The blond beauties are encouraging moms to go the Similac Facebook page to watch videos about the subject and join the conversation with fellow parents 

"The most recent one is called "Real Parents Real Judgment" and it's just parents talking about like ‘OK, you're formula fed baby still goes to college or your baby doesn't care what stroller it rides in'...or even a family where the dad decides to stay home and the mom works" the former Disney star explained, adding, "All of these different questions are brought up." 

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Haylie also noted that the campaign helps hold fellow moms accountable for their own behavior. 

"It's really encouraging you to look at your own behavior and realize that you're maybe one of the people out there who's putting out judgment too," she said. "And kind of gives you a chance to take a step back and say 'I'm going to be responsible for what I put out into the world. And just to be on each other's team and focus on raising happy, healthy babies." 

Props to both moms for spreading such a positive message. 

Press play for more from Hilary and Haylie and to join the conversation, visit Facebook.com/Similac and share what you will do to stop the Mommy Wars with #SisterhoodUnite.

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