Caitlyn Jenner Promises to Pay for Trans Woman's Nursing School in Tear-Jerking I Am Cait Clip: Watch Now

The E! star is moved to tears by one lady's story of struggle and discrimination

By Brett Malec Aug 10, 2015 12:05 AMTags
Watch: Caitlyn Jenner Sets Plan to Help Transgender Woman

On tonight's episode of I Am Cait, one trans woman's emotional story of struggle and discrimination brought everyone to tears.

While meeting with trans woman at a Human Rights Campaign office in San Francisco, Caitlyn Jenner and her friends heard from one woman named Blossom Brown.

"I wanted to be in nursing school so, so bad," Blossom, a student and HRC volunteer, says in this exclusive clip from Sunday's show. "I had the GPA, I had good ACT score, and the first time I didn't get in. OK, so let me work a little harder. I took some classes, applied again, still nothing. And I couldn't get in to nursing school for like the sixth time because I'm trans. People were looking at that, and you need to be looking at my hard work and dedication that I put into this hard work."

"It bothers me to this day when I see those students that I went to school with in nursing school getting those degrees and the only reason that I didn't get in was because I'm trans," Blossom said fighting back tears. "I make straight A's, I work hard, stop looking on the outside and start looking on the inside and see that we want to be just normal people."

Later on, Caitlyn and her friends reflect on Blossom's heart-wrenching struggle. "I've lived a great life," Caitlyn says. "And I realize in this transition that I kind of have that privileged status. You were a white guy, you worked hard, I've been able to put a few dollars away. So I'm blessed. I'm in a wonderful position in life."

What Caitlyn does next shocks everyone. Watch the I Am Cait clip to see Cait's unbelievable act of kindness to help Blossom fulfill her dreams of nursing school!

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