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I'm here at the 2015 Summer TCA press tour, and who do I see rocking a suit that Chuck Bass would only dream of wearing? Ed Westwick himself, promoting his new ABC drama Wicked City...and he told me something so shocking, so amazing, I just can't keep it to myself. Besides, when have I ever been able to keep a secret?

Are you ready for this, Gossip Girl fans? While talking about seeing his former co-star Chace Crawford earlier this morning at the TCAs (since Crawford is also here promoting his new ABC series Blood and Oil), Westwick revealed that he wants to do a Gossip Girl reunion with Crawford on the network!

"We should do a crossover episode," Westwick tells E! News. "It's great, we're great friends. They're all like family to me. I'm very, very happy for [Chace]."

On Wicked City, which premieres this fall on ABC, Westwick stars as Kent, a serial killer who made L.A.'s Sunset Strip his hunting ground in the '80s. But aside from actually murdering women, what is going to set the role of Kent apart from Chuck Bass, who was pretty much a sociopath in his own right?

Ed Westwick, Gossip Girl

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"That's one way of looking at it. But over the course of the six seasons we did at Gossip Girl, it was revealed that he wasn't," Westwick says. "He was a young man who knew how to manipulate people, could be very charming and use that to his advantage a lot, and yet you could say that Kent, my character on Wicked City, is charming and uses that to manipulate people, albeit to a different end."

He continues, "I think Chuck was revealed as a misguided, misled, sweet young man in the end. I remember the final episode where he picks up his son and hugs him. I don't see Kent doing that with his son. Although, he does have some very interesting relationships with children along the way."

And a warning to fellow Gossip Girl fans, this show is going to be a lot darker than anything you've seen from Westwick in the past.

"I had nightmares shooting the pilot," Westwick says. "That was traumatizing. It was very, very dark. That stayed with me. There were some evenings during the shoot where I would go home and wasn't able to fully let go of stuff. That crept into my dreams when I slept."

Start preparing yourselves now.

You know you love me.


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