How I Met Your Mother, Kim Kardashian

Sonja Flemming/CBS, AP Photo/Mark Davis

Call it...KIMYM!

Sources tell E! News exclusively that Kim Kardashian is joining Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt in an upcoming episode of How I Met Your Mother! CBS confirms that the Dancing queen will appear with the terrible two in a January episode. The scenes are being shot tomorrow.

So what are the details? And what does Kim have to say?

"I've always been a fan of How I Met Your Mother," Kim tells us. "And I'm really excited to be on the show!"

The ep, tentatively called "Benefits," is about Marshall's (Jason Segel) inability to poop at work. (Charming!)

I'm told Marshall carries a copy of Them Weekly with him when he's heading to the bathroom. Kim, Heidi, Spencer and lord knows which other tabloid faves will speak to Marshall from the cover of Them in a dream sequence. They presumably pop up to mock and laugh and make Marshall feel generally silly.

Cute...or contrived? WIll you be watching?

—Reporting by Ken Baker

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