Tea Leoni, Madam Secretary, Hillary Clinton, The Good Wife, Julianna Margulies

Getty Images; CBS

Hillary Clinton is just like you. She loves sitting in rocking chairs and she also watches The Good Wife. Yes, Clinton is a fan of the CBS series starring Julianna Margulies as a spurned lawyer-wife whose husband is embroiled in a sex scandal at the start of the series. Yep.

The Good Wife loves casting real life political figures—Donna Brazile is basically a recurring character on the show now—so Hillary, your time may come!

Clinton, who is campaigning for the 2016 presidency, also revealed she's into The Good Wife's Sunday night companion Madam Secretary. Yes, the Téa Leoni show about a female secretary of state. Yep. Clinton revealed her TV favorites in an interview with South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Jamie Harrison.

Other TV favorites include Downton Abbey, but there's one thing in particular that she indulges in to unwind.

"But what I relax by, is House and Garden TV. I love watching people redecorating their houses, buying houses. There's a program called Love It or List It, I like to watch Beachfront Bargain [Hunt] and I'm interested in this young couple that flip houses [Flip or Flop], whether they're going to make their money or not. I love watching—I find it relaxing and entertaining and informative—watching HGTV," Clinton said.

No mention of Preisdent Barack Obama's favorite House of Cards? Obama also is a fan of Breaking Bad, Homeland and Game of Thrones. In fact, he even inquired about the status of Jon Snow. Meanwhile, Michelle Obama is a fan of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, amongst other programs.

One important question Clinton didn't answer: Was she bummed by the The Good WIfe's CGI final scene between Kalinda and Alicia?

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