Is Bachelor in Paradise Going to End With a Proposal?!

Exclusive: We chatted with Jade, Tanner and Kirk on the set of the ABC reality hit about the possibility of finding true love

By Tierney Bricker Aug 04, 2015 6:30 PMTags
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One rose ceremony in and we already have two couples. 

Bachelor in Paradise season two only just premiered on Sunday, but viewers have already seen a few pairs go from sexy strangers to committed couples faster than Ashley Iaconetti downed those lemon drop shots: Tanner Tolbert and Jade Roper immediately hit it off, as did Carly Waddell and Kirk DeWindt.

But will either couple follow in the footsteps of Marcus Grodd and Lacey Faddoul, who met on season one of the ABC reality hit, and got married in this season's premiere, with all of the contestants as their swimsuit-wearing witnesses?

When E! News chatted with Tanner, Jade and Kirk on the gorgeous set of Bachelor in Paradise, before we knew who they were getting cozy with, we were curious to know what they were really hoping to get out of their time in Paradise...and their answers may surprise you!

Even before the first day, Tanner had his eye on Jade, thanks to her time on Chris Soules' season. "My number one on my wish list was Jade come in," he admitted. "I just really enjoyed her demeanor on her season and obviously she's beautiful." 

But Tanner, you might want to put on some earmuffs if you were hoping to put a ring on Jade's finger because heading into Bachelor in Paradise, Jade was not looking to have a ring on her finger. At least not yet. 

"Getting engaged at the end seems pretty crazy. Would I be totally close-minded to that? No, If that was the right person that I met here than you never know," she told E! News. "But I really came here to find my somebody. That's what I want. I want to leave the situation with somebody I love and see how that develops in the real world."

Speaking of the real world, Kirk was in a pretty serious relationship that ended just one month before he hopped on a plane to Mexico to find true love. But Kirk told us he was there for—wait for it—"the right reason." 

"I wasn't coming here to screw around and make out a bunch of girls and go home empty-handed," he said. So hope is still alive for Kirkly/Carlirk/Cark/whatever Kirk and Carly's shipper name is!

To hear more from Tanner, Jade and Kirk, including who almost didn't join the show, watch our interviews with them above now!

Bachelor in Paradise airs Sundays and Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.