Meryl Streep Has "Ruby Red Eyes" During Live! Interview After Hitting the Club Until 1 A.M.—Watch Now!

Actress visits Live! With Kelly and Michael after a late-night out
By Mike Vulpo Aug 03, 2015 10:54 PMTags

If it's any consolation, co-hosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan were totally impressed by the proud mama's dedication!

"Meryl's a good time," Ripa joked. "She's our people."

But as it turns out, Streep has several reasons to be proud of her four grown children. In addition to her musical son, the Oscar winner has two daughters who are actresses while another is finding great success as a model and advertising executive.

It may just beg the question: What if one of them told mom they just wanted a normal job? What if they wanted to be a banker?

"That would be very helpful actually," Streep joked on Live!