Last week we ran a poll asking all of you what Sarah Palin, easily the most fascinating person of 2008 for better or for worse, should do now that Team Maverick is no more.

Seventy-one percent of you said that she should "go back to Alaska and stay there," and it looks like Sar took your words to heart, 'cause babe's back to her chilly home state. In last night's Fox News interview, Ms. P yakked mostly about all those pricey duds the RNC made her wear. A female politician and a female reporter talking about clothes for what seemed like forever?no wonder nobody takes women seriously in politics.

Think anyone gives an ef how expensive McCain's or Obama's suits cost their respective parties? We're no fan of Palin, but Clothesgate is pretty pathetic an issue at the end of the day.

And tonight, we'll get a taste of what really goes down at Casa de Six Pack, as we get up close and personal with McCain's number two to watch her make, of all things, moose chili. What, did ya expect, Hamburger Helper from Caribou Barbie? Screw politics, Palin, we now totally see what lies ahead: your own boob-tube show, At Home With Sarah Palin. It's Martha Stewart meets a Republican Hillary Clinton, surely a perfect fit between The View and The Tyra Banks Show. We encourage you to check out part two tonight, lord knows we're on the edge of our seats.

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