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One day, the Internet was minding its own business, doing Internet things and everything was normal.

And then the next day, Chelsea Smith tweeted something and everything changed. What did she tweet, you ask? The true meaning of life? A long-lost photo that proves Donald Trump is actually a robot controlled by teeny, tiny alien that was sent here to study American politics? The menu hacks for every fast food establishment on the planet?!

No, it was something even crazier than all that. Well, based on the reaction that's how it felt. Chelsea Smith discovered something about jewelry that shocked a lot of people to their very core.

"After my nineteen years of living i have now realized that you are supposed to take the plastic part off," she tweeted along with a photo of the little plastic disc from the back of the earring removed.

Wait. That wasn't part of the earring? You're supposed to slip that off after you buy it?! When we say this little tidbit blew people's minds, we were not exaggerating:

Other people were quick to point out that the plastic part of the earring actually helps stabilize it, especially for heavier pieces. And others said that wearing earrings for so many years has stretched their piercing holes so much that the plastic piece is necessary to keeping the jewelry from slipping out.

But mostly it was a lot of "MY LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME."

If she was right about that, what else is she right about?! Is Chelsea Smith some kind of sorceress sent from up above to open our eyes and teach us the correct way to do stuff? If so, should we be listening to her other tweets? Because this one has a point:

Great idea, Chelsea! BRB, going to chug some expired milk that's been in our office fridge for roughly two months.

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Now you know, kids. Everything anyone says on the Internet ever is either true and/or important information.

How do you all wear your earrings? With or without plastic?

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