Ice-T and Coco Announce Their Baby's Sex, Name and More—Watch Now!

Talk show hosts share their exciting news with their audience

By Francesca Bacardi Aug 03, 2015 4:30 PMTags

After excitingly announcing that they're expecting, Ice-T and Coco Austin revealed Monday morning on their talk show, Ice & Coco, that they're having a baby girl!

The couple, who has been together for 14 years, revealed a picture from their ultrasound and asked the viewers to vote whether they thought it would be a boy or a girl. Those who were lucky enough to guess girl were right! But that wasn't the only news the Law and Order: SVU star and his wife shared—they also announced their baby's name!

"Already got a name…The girl's name is Chanel," revealed Ice-T.

"Yes. Little Chanel," added Coco. "And another thing is people are like, 'Well how many, how far along are you?'"

Hiding her bump beneath a black-and-white striped jacket, Coco removed her blazer to show off her growing bump! "Let's see. We've been doing all kinds of cute dressing to try to shade, but there it is," the former rapper explained.

With her baby bump poking out of her tight black dress, the happy couple had the audience try to guess how far along she is. Because it's not that big (yet!), none of them could figure it out! After shouting two months, four months and other quantities, the couple finally revealed her true amount of time.

"I'm 21 weeks. I'm over 5 months!" she confessed.

Nicole "Snooki" LaValle also stopped by the reality TV stars' new show and became incredibly candid about pregnancy and what Coco can expect down the line. But even the Jersey Shore alum couldn't believe how svelte Coco looked at five months!

"That's not normal," Snooki joked. "You look like me after I've had a glass of wine."

The mom and mom-to-be also chatted about pregnancy cravings and their former party-girl ways, but both revealed those days are behind them. "The thing is I totally switched off. Like the vodka, everything. You don't even want to taste it. You don't even care," Coco admitted.

"But you will like the 8th or 9th month," Snooki explained. "You'll be like, 'Oh I need a vodka.'"

Watch the clip above to find out what else Ice-T and Coco had to say about their pregnancy!