Bill Nye


Don't mess with the science guy!

For Bill Nye, tracking Earth's changing temperatures is far more important than what anyone has to say on his social media accounts.

But on Friday afternoon, the Dancing With the Stars alum decided to respond to some really mean tweets from followers. Hey, you'll do a lot to support your upcoming documentary.

"You pretend the global warming fairy is real even as you live in a mansion," one follower wrote. "Maybe do cartwheels for voodoo."

Looking confused and puzzled, Bill tried to think of the perfect comeback. Instead, he responded by admitting, "I'm not sure where that comes from." Neither do we, sir.

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Posted by The Bill Nye Film on Friday, July 31, 2015

Some were quick to call the 59-year-old "annoying" while others still made it clear that they think science "still sucks."

But through all the insults and injuries, Bill Nye remained the lovable educator so many people have grown to admire. When one follower described the scientist as "trippy as f--k," Bill confessed he didn't know "how trippy f--k is." LOL!

But all jokes aside, the former mechanical engineer wanted his followers to know that the climate is changing and it's time to pay attention.

"Yo Bill," one user tweeted. "Global warming is fake and evolution is a conspiracy."

Bill replied, "I have to say you are completely wrong on both counts. I'm sorry you're cluttering up the Internet." And that is how you keep it classy, folks!

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