Lance Bass Thanks Firefighters Who Helped "Save Our Neighborhood" After Flames Reach His Backyard—Watch!

Boy band member documents a brush fire that got far too close for comfort

By Mike Vulpo Aug 01, 2015 10:28 PMTags

This hits way too close to home…literally!

As temperatures continue to rise in Southern California this weekend, firefighters are remaining extra busy as they try to handle several brush fires. One of those battles occurred in Sherman Oaks by the home of singer Lance Bass.

On Friday afternoon, the former ‘N Sync member took to social media where he proclaimed that his "backyard is on fire!" In fact, he even got footage of helicopters dropping gallons of waters nearby.

"We have a little forest fire and I've never seen a helicopter so close to the house putting out fires," Bass shared in personal video obtained by NBC Los Angeles. "That's what happens when you live next to a forest in Los Angeles." 

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More than 75 firefighters along with several helicopters helped control the fire in less than an hour. Proper brush clearance on the part of residents kept many of the nearby homes unharmed.

"Firefighters protecting my house right now!" Bass wrote on Instagram as the flames calmed down. "Thanks fellas!"

According to NBC News, close to 8,000 firefighters are battling more than 20 wildfires across California. Dry conditions in the state, which is in a historic drought, are feeding the flames.

As for Bass' neighborhood, everyone is glad the smoke and danger is gone for now. "Thanks to these fine men and the rest of the firefighters/ police that helped save our neighborhood today!" Bass wrote on Whosay after the scare. "#LanceOnFire"

Watch: Lance Bass Gives an Update on Backyard Fire