Stardust, Stephen Amell, Arrow


Stephen Amell doesn't take kindly to a little copycat action. 

In the latest bout of feuding between The Arrow star and WWE's Stardust (real name Cody Rhodes), Amell took to Twitter to let everyone know he isn't backing down after the wrestler mimicked his superhero catchphrase, "You have failed this city!" during a match Thursday night against R-Truth.

"You know the saying imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? I disagree. Somebody point me towards @StardustWWE!" Amell wrote alongside an ominous photo of himself wearing Green Arrow's signature threads. 

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Just before Stardust entered the ring he tweeted, "its just a matter of hours before I utter FIVE words that will SPICE up the summer." Evidently, those five words reignited this on-again, off-again spat between the two stars and now Amell looks about ready to rumble. 

Earlier in July, Stardust taunted Amell during a villanous rant when he said, "Even the sharpest arrows, no matter what color, come crashing down"—spurring Amell to tweet, ".@StardustWWE -- you can insult me all you want. When you start insulting The Green Arrow & all it represents you're towing a fine line."

The two have since dealt ongoing jabs to each other, with the 34-year-old actor going as far as to threaten the eight-year WWE veteran: "Hey @StardustWWE - I'm not a wrestler. But if you keep calling me out, I'm going to come to Raw and punch you right in the mouth," he tweeted.

Even William Shatner offered his two cents on the feud, calling out Stardust for borrowing (or stealing) his famous Star Trek logo. After joking back and forth, Shatner asked the wrestler to play nice with Amell, tweeting, "he's my buddy!"

Hulk Hogan is also facing his fair share of uphill battles. Watch the video below to see the WWE star's response to accusations of racism.

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