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Are you ready to dance the s--t out of it...again?!

Every '90s kid who danced at some point in their lives was obsessed with Center Stage. It shaped our youth! We quoted it constantly, we memorized the dances, we wanted those bright red pointe shoes. 

So when E! News caught up with Sascha Radetsky, aka "boyfriend material" Charlie, at the 2015 Summer TCA press tour while he was promoting his gritty new Starz series Flesh and Bone (in which he plays a ballet dancer so opposite from Charlie we could barely believe our eyes), we had to ask...could we ever get a Center Stage sequel?

(And no, we are not even considering the "sequel" Center Stage: Turn It Up as a real sequel, because we want to see the original cast back together, please and thank you.)

Flash and Bone, Sascha Radetsky


"Maybe, maybe. I have retired from being a ballet dancer recently so we'll see," Radetsky tells E! News with a smile. "Actually, there might be something happening. Yeah, maybe. I'm not sure. I don't know what I can say and what I can't. But we'll see. Stay tuned."

Whoa. Excuse us for a moment while we go freak out. A real Center Stage sequel?! Oh yeah, we are here. For. It!

While Radetsky couldn't reveal any details about a potential sequel, he did tell us he was down for one.

"It was such a blast making that movie, but those six weeks were all a blur," Radetsky says. "The dance-off in the studio with Ethan, that was fun. Shooting the last dance sequence on stage, that stands out in my mind. But the salsa club…actually I haven't even thought about that in a while! The salsa scene was so interesting, getting to do something different, a different type of dance."

Center Stage, Amanda Schull

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And he's been able to keep in contact with some of co-stars in some capacity over the past 15 years.

"Zoe Saldana has now gone on to such great things, it's amazing," Radetsky says. "She was such a sweetheart. And Amanda Schull is in 12 Monkeys, she's doing great. I'm so proud of all of them. I see Amanda every now and then and Zoe and I kept in touch for years but I haven't spoken to her in a few years. I think the film, everyone holds a special place in his or her heart, each of the cast members, for Center Stage."

Even though Radetsky is a professional ballet dancer, and has danced in many, many performances over the years, the thing he's still most recognized for on the street is Center a landslide.

"Oh, definitely Center Stage!" Radetsky says. "Ballet has a very small audience unfortunately. Hopefully this show [Flesh and Bone] and more dance shows and movies will broaden that audience. Center Stage reached people that as live performers, we would have never had the opportunity to reach."

And the lines that people say to him on the street the most? 

"Dance it how you feel it," he says with a laugh. "You're not splotchy. Sweet sweat!"

Now excuse us while we go listen to "We're Dancing" by P.Y.T. over and over again. 

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