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Are you there, God? It's Judy Blume, The Marriage Counselor. 

Yes it's true—in addition to being one of the most beloved Young Adult novelists of all time, Judy Blume also moonlights saving husbands from being left by their wives. Let us explain.

Earlier this week a very scatterbrained Brooklyn husband put a box of old books out on the stoop to give away. What he didn't realize, however, that his wife's beloved copy of Blume's Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret was in the box. And this wasn't just any copy of the book, it was a rare cover and it also happened to be given to his wife by her mother. In other words, he was sent straight to the doghouse.

So what's a guy to do when he finds himself despErate to find a super rare novel in the depths of Brooklyn? He puts up flyers, of course. And what do Brooklynites do when they see flyers looking for a super rare novel? They take to social media.

Greenpoint residents posted pictures like the below on Twitter and Instagram, partly hoping to get the guy some help and also partly because it's a pretty crazy predicament he's found himself in.

Sadness, in Greenpoint.

A photo posted by Maris Kreizman (@mariskreizman) on

But somehow it worked, because Judy Blume herself got wind of the tragedy. And what did she do? She stepped right up to help. She's Judy Blume after all, and Judy Blume isn't going to let a marriage dissolve over one of her books. Not on her watch! She sent the below tweets trying to find the embattled husband, and thanks to the magic of the Internet they connected almost immediately.

And just like that, a marriage was saved. The poor, poor wife may not find the original gift from her mother, but a copy sent straight from the author herself is a pretty good substitute. A slow clap for Judy Blume, everyone.

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