Of Course Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer Are on Vacation Together: Here's Why They Were Always Meant to Be!

No one should be shocked that these two are the duo of the summer

By Natalie Finn Jul 31, 2015 10:04 PMTags
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Taylor Swift and her Instagram-perfect posse are so last week.

Because yesterday, Amy Schumer revealed that she and Jennifer Lawrence were on vacation together, made all the better by the fact that it was J.Law who first fan-girled all over Schumer (who, come to think of it, is really going to need a catchy new moniker now...), perhaps hastening their inevitable meeting of the minds.

And it was, in fact, inevitable that these two would meet. For anyone who may have even briefly wondered, "Well, when/how did that happen?" when Schumer turned up on the back of Lawrence's jet-ski in Hawaii, know that there is nothing strange about these bedfellows, nothing at all random about their rendezvous.

Nope, these two friends-for-life (we can only hope) were always meant to be. And here's why:

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1. The Humor, Duh: Any time one of them gives an interview it's a must-watch. Both are known for their frank, refreshing candor and profanity, anatomical parts and scatological musings factor frequently into both stars' general conversations. Schumer is of course making a living with her provocative brand of humor, first in stand-up, then on Inside Amy Schumer and now on the big screen, in Trainwreck. College courses will be taught about her comedy one day. But Lawrence had no reason to tell David Letterman "there are only so many times you can s--t your pants" before seeking treatment for a stomach virus, or to point out her "armpit vagina" to E! News on the red carpet at the SAG Awards. But she did, and that's what she does, and we'll talk bodily functions with her all day, every day.

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2. They Both Know What It's Like Out There: Both have been accused of being too wild for prime time (well, luckily Schumer has a cable show and J.Law does movies), and have been criticized for overdoing it with their jokes. (Memo to both: Tone it down, never.) Both know that their looks and weight will be constantly scrutinized so long as they're in the public eye and at least seem to have come to terms with that. Lawrence cracked back in 2012 that, by Hollywood standards, she's considered "obese" and told Barbara Walters as one of the 10 most fascinating people of 2013, "It should be illegal to call someone fat on TV." (Who wants to bet Schumer makes a few top 10 lists come year's end...) And Schumer unapologetically addressed her cellulite in Glamour and told an appreciative theater full of people: "I'm probably like 160 pounds right now, and I can catch a dick whenever I want." But in the meantime...


3. Men, Schmen: Unlike with some female stars, none of the mass interest in Schumer or Lawrence has anything to do with relationships or the men in their lives. Of course, we'll care—a lot—when either deems the right guy worthy of her charms for the long haul, but they are entirely fascinating on their own.

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4. They Both Claim Style Ignorance but Shine on the Red Carpet: Lawrence has had a few more years of practice and Dior has happily been dressing the spokesmodel for some time, but she was the first to admit that she considers herself "more of a monkey" who's dressed by professionals than a fashion icon. A few dozen red carpets and Met Balls later, surely she's accepted her elite status by now, but it still blew her mind when she read about her own pixie cut on the news. Schumer, meanwhile, has hooked up with stylist Leesa Evans, scored Glamour, GQ and Entertainment Weekly covers (that last one being a naked cover), and it's just on.

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5. Movie Stars Flock Together: Schumer's only starred in one movie, but she wrote it herself, so that's like being in a bunch of movies. Either way, it's only the beginning and that easily qualifies her for endless future vacations on Movie Star Island with Lawrence and a group of BFFs straight out of central casting.

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6. Family Values: Schumer and her sister Kim are super-close, the latter leaving her job as a school psychologist to join Inside Amy Schumer's writing staff and most recently serve as an associate producer on Trainwreck. And the Kentucky-born Lawrence often has an older brother or two in tow, even though they did use to lock her in the basement when she was a kid.

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7. Doggies!: Schumer just pointed out on Instagram that she and her pooch are on "island time," an indicator that the dog is on vacay too, and Lawrence's beloved pet Pippi was never far away when she was shooting Joy in Boston recently. Two gals who love their dogs—that alone would give them endless fodder for conversation, even if literally nothing else happens to them.

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8. They're the Real Deal: Even if you "don't get" Amy's humor or could care less whether Katniss picks Peeta or Gale in the end (Nov. 20, eek!), these two stars are making it easier for women everywhere to let their freak flags fly—because they've reminded the world that there's nothing freaky about being yourself. Perhaps you were mildly indifferent to each on her own, but there's something awesome happening that can't be denied now that they've joined forces. It won't always be sunshine and red carpets for them, but at least now they have each other next time either one falls.

Taylor Swift may want to get in on this.