Lizzie McGuire's Ethan Craft, Clayton Snyder, Is Super-Hot Now—See Photos and Find Out What He's Been Up To!

Hilary Duff's character was definitely onto something when she lusted after him...

By Corinne Heller Jul 31, 2015 4:05 PMTags
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Lizzie McGuire was definitely onto something when she lusted after Ethan Craft...

...because that boy turned into a fox!

It's been more than 10 years since the hit Hilary Duff series went off the air (!!!) and Clayton Snyder, who played the high school hottie, is now 27. He's traded in his floppy, amazing and "glowing" honey brown locks (rinse, lather, but don't repeat) for a shorter, darker 'do and is even more studly now.

So what's he been up to this whole time?

1. Still acting

In recent years, Snyder has appeared on shows such as Rules of Engagement and NCIS.

"OMG you're an actor?! What's it like?!" This. #audition #hurryupandwait #waitroom

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2. Rocking out...turn it up!

I challenge you, @christianlflowers! #musicmonday

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3. Splash!

The actor attended Pepperdine University in Malibu, California and was a member of the water polo team. In 2011, after he graduated, he competed in the World University Games in China and came in fourth place.

2011 World University Games. Guarding some Hungarian brute. #splashsaturday #waterpolo #wugs #hungary #usa #hugitout

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4. Facing challenges

5. Doing improv

Meet me in da club. #itsgoingdown #UCB

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6. Being a really cool boyfriend

Sorry ladies, it appears he's taken...and smitten.

"It's not going to be appropriate to sing along..." I was definitely talking to myself as much as I was to him

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7. Working to better himself

Happy post-4th y'all! First Independence Day sober since probably 2008. And damn it feels good! I used to always "go big" on such holidays. America, right? (Rather, Murca.) A celebration or party wasn't legit unless copious amounts of booze were consumed. Instead of the fun and focus being friends and family or the actual holiday, it would be the act of drinking itself. Taking a step back and realizing that, that's not the kind of person I want to be. I wasn't an alcoholic by social standards, but I'd be unable to control moderation. If you think you can give up drinking any time of you wanted to, but refuse to even try, you may want to consider how attached you really are. We're dealing with all kiiinds of addictions in this country... alcohol, nicotine, processed foods, sugar, base entertainment, self-idolatry... The lesson is, if it feels good, do it! Nevermind consequences, life is too short to "waste". Mhm. If you have been thinking about taking a step away from drinking but are worried about social pressures, don't be. Your real friends, the ones you should want around, won't care. In fact, they'll be stoked for you, like this lady here. Heck, tag a friend you may want to try fasting with. I'm not hating on alcohol, or people who drink. I still go out with friends to have a "drink". It's a choice I've made for a better life for myself. Hoped this helps somebody. If not, well, it's just an Instagram post. #4thofjuly #sober #yeh

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8. Making new friends

...with his hair pushed back.


9. Reuniting with old friends

Here he is with Lalaine, who played Lizzie's BFF Miranda, and Jake Thomas, who played Lizzie's younger brother Matt.

We're just going to leave these here.


Reunited after nearly a decade, I finally got to meet up with @heyclaytron !

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