John Mayer

ODuran/Fame Pictures

John Mayer's been keeping mum about his rekindled romance with Jennifer Aniston, and he hasn't been nearly as playful lately as he used to be with the paparazzi. Add to this his somewhat pensive picture from the other day, and we couldn't help but wonder: What happened to our usually jovial music man?

"I am not darker, angrier or moodier these days," the singer writes on his blog. "In fact, it's just the opposite. All that's happened is that I've given up on trying to find a way to use unwanted media as a form of entertainment. (It still was worth a try.) A walk to the car isn't the best time to try and analyze my mood or disposition, so you'll probably always get a bad read from it."

Yet Mayer, who is "enjoying off time right now" and focusing "on making the next album," insists he understands the tabloid tales that come with being in the public eye and how they're essentially out of his hands.

"The decision to slide on and off your radar isn't so much my own anymore. But I'm too young to stomp my feet about it. All I can do is concentrate on keeping my heart and soul correct and then redecorate around it," he writes. "I get it...I just think sometimes in the middle of all the gossip madness you just need to hear my voice to let you know that I'm still here."

We hear ya, John. Loud and clear. You just had us worried there for a sec, that's all.

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