Prince George's Birthday Present Is Awesome: See the Pics!

Check out the royal gift

By Daniel Nissen Jul 31, 2015 3:45 PMTags
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 Most kids would be content with Lincoln Logs or some Legos, but most kids aren't royalty. 

Prince George received an £18,000 abode on wheels fo his second birthday. 

But of course, one present isn't enough for a prince.

The 2-year-old also had his father's treehouse on steroids refurbished that Prince William received for his 7th birthday. 

The little prince can now have tea parties in a hand built Shepherd's Hut and treehouse situated in the family's 15-acre garden in Gloucestershire.

George will have the most popular playdate location!

The hut is spacious and even has its own bed.

The little guy's little houses are in a primo location. There's a wildflower garden and grazing sheep right outside. 

Check out the pics!

PHOTO: Prince George is Prince William's Mini-Me