ESC, Neutrals

One of the biggest red carpet fashion faux pas? Wearing a skin-like shade that washes you out.

When it comes to wearing neutrals, everyone's skin is so different that it can be a bit perplexing to find the perfect beige or flattering cream for you.

According to style expert Amy B. Mizrahie, it's "less a matter of your skin color and more a focus on your tone," she said.

Basically, do you fall into the warm, neutral or cool-tone category?

Once you've answered that, pinpointing your undertone is really all it takes to solve this fashion formula.

For instance, warm tones (which we see on stars like Eva Mendes) have yellow or olive undertones. "Warmer tones want to wear richer colors that pop, such as rich tans or creamier pinks," the expert explained. You also want to stay away from neutrals that have too much yellow. Generally speaking, "stay away from anything that matches or closely resembles your skin," she added.

ESC, Neutrals

On the other end of the spectrum, cool tones (as seen on celebs like Kate Bosworth) have shades of pink as undertones. If you fall in this category, you want to go for "softer colors like paler nudes that don't blend in with your skin tone," advised Amy. 

If you're having trouble identifying which one you are, you're likely a neutral tone (like Selena Gomez). For neutral tones, "consider yourself lucky since as a rule of thumb, you are able wear just about any shade on the neutral spectrum," she added.

When in doubt, just "go to the store and try it on," Amy recommended. Hey, great style is never an exact science!

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