Ashley Hamilton's BBQ Goes Up in Flames (Literally!): Watch the Fiery Stewarts & Hamiltons Clip Now!

Plus Ashley get emotional when talking about his sobriety

By Brett Malec Aug 02, 2015 4:00 PMTags
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Ashley Hamilton's on fire...literally!

On tonight's episode of Stewarts & Hamiltons, Ashley has his girlfriend Ali over for some quality time together. "What do you want to do for dinner?" Ali asks.

"I thought we could dinner cook here and I could have a little fire outside," Ashley says.

The duo then head out to the patio where Ashley lights a fire. However, he may have added a little too much lighter fluid to the barbeque. When Ashley lights a match a giant ball of flames explodes right in his face! Ouch.

Ashley jokes (we think) that he has no eyebrows left after the fiery explosion.

Later, things get emotional when Ali suggests they go out to a bar for dinner.

"I went through a hard time with drugs and alcohol," Ashley says. "When you have to worry about your sobriety and what you're around, having to go out of your structure zone, man [it's] scary."

So what does Ashley do? Watch the clip to find out how emotional things get!

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