Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Schumer

Jeffrey Mayer/Mike Marsland/WireImage

Millions of years ago, prophets foretold of a day when two queens would join together and create a friendship so powerful, it would end all the suffering in the world.

That day is today.

Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence are hanging out with each other, and the Internet shut down from too many feelings.

The Trainwreck star and current goddess of our hearts shared photos on Instagram of her vacation, and those pics included none other than Hollywood's golden child, J.Law. There's even a picture of the two blond actresses on a jet ski together!

What are we supposed to do now that a photo exists of Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence on a freakin' jet ski?!

Well, one thing we can do is ask some follow-up questions regarding this new(?) friendship:

• When did this start?
• Can you share the text messages that led to this vacation rendezvous?
• Are you ladies going to make a comedy together where you play sisters? Girlfriends? Lovers?
• Where was our invite? Lost in the mail? Didn't have our current address? We forgive you!
• For both of you: What is it like being pressed up against someone so magical while bumping along the ocean on a jet ski?
• Was this all a planned act to remind the universe that there is hope for humanity?

You might mock us for being over-the-moon, off-the-walls excited about Amy and J.Law becoming BFFs, but we're not suck it, haters! 

Honestly, we don't know whom we're more jealous of. Jennifer Lawrence is blessed to be in the presence of Amy Schumer, but Amy Schumer should be honored to touch Jennifer Lawrence. So, let's just say we are sick with envy over their friendship and we won't sleep, eat or stop until we become the awkward third wheel to their perfect twosome. 

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