Washington Nationals, Miami Marlins

Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Let 'er rip!

The Miami Marlins decided to get revenge on the Washington Nationals during a super-mature batting practice yesterday.

The Nationals are allegedly known for keeping the stadium silent, or playing some real chill jams, when it's time for their visitors' batting practices—as you can see below.

Just a little Sinead O'Connor during Mets batting practice.

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Nothing like some Sinéad O'Connor to get into the swing of things, right?

Well, when the Nationals made their way to Miami this week they were finally hit with a little payback, and this time it was in an old school prank move that's sure to break anyone's focus: audible flatulence.

Sports reporters were shocked (and, of course, amused) by the simple, yet effective tactic.

Yes, the farts were loud enough to be caught on tape.

The Nationals even tried to bring in their own music, just to temper the jarring sounds.

The gassy culprit has yet to be named, but it seems "fartgate" was unintentional.

Not sure what it means when farts are "looked at internally," but we're not jealous of that official's job.

Either way, we have to say silence mixed with random toots beats slow jams in terms of a distraction. However, the Nationals beat the Marlins 7-2 at yesterday's game sooo... who's the real winner here?

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