Jon Snow Spotted in Spain—Do These Clues Prove Kit Harington Will Return to Game of Thrones?

Kit Harington is either the nicest friend ever or he's back on set filming for season six. You can guess which one it is!

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At this point, if you think Jon Snow (Kit Harington) is dead on Game of Thrones, then you know nothing.

Not only are there a ton of theories on how Jon is vitally important to the ultimate end game of the HBO fantasy series, there have been a ton of spoilers and clues that have leaked since the shocking season five finale that have totally put our worries to rest about the Lord Commander's fate.

Sure, he was stabbed over and over by his fellow Night's Watchmen in the finale and left to bleed out in the snow under the moonlight. Sure, he and his cast mates have said over and over that Jon is dead. But here are all the clues that prove that Jon isn't actually gone for good.


UPDATE 8/3: Hanging in Spain

Jon Snow is on the move,again. Harington was spotted in Spain with his Jon Snow beard and hair in tact (phew!). Why is that significant? Game of Thrones is back filming in Spain once again. But so is one of his upcoming movies. Very interesting.

Winter Is Coming has pics of Harington out and about, looking Jon Snow-y. According to Variety, Game of Thrones will spend some time in various Spanish locales, including Girona.

The plot thickens!

Back on set?

Harington has been spotted in Belfast by Game of Thrones fans who have been quick enough to snap pics of him out and about with his co-stars. You've seen some pics, but there are even more now! So he's in the same town as the Game of Thrones set. For an extended period of time.

So either he's the nicest friend ever, visiting his "former" co-stars on set for fun for a super long time, or he's back filming for season six. We're guessing it's the latter. Because that'd be one long and boring vacation otherwise.


Harington previously said he was going to cut off his long Jon Snow hair as soon as he was done with Game of Thrones. Understandable! 

But in all these pics of him in Belfast, he's still sporting those long, luscious locks of Jon Snow hair and that scruffy facial hair that keeps the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch's face warm in those freezing conditions at the wall. So...yeah, draw your own conclusions. 

Karwai Tang/WireImage

The email

And here's the kicker: HBO might have accidentally spoiled Jon Snow's fate. Oops?

According to Pedestrian, the network sent out an email promoting their "Honour The Fallen: The Memoriam Collection" toys. Basically, it's a sale of toys for dead characters on the show...and there wasn't a single mention of Jon Snow in the dearly departed list.

So hey, if HBO isn't mourning the Lord Commander's death, then why should we?

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