Alec Baldwin has vowed before that he would stay out of the media spotlight, but he's back to giving interviews once again!

This time, he sat down with Howard Stern Tuesday to discuss GOP candidate Donald Trump. Although Stern—who's joked about totally being down for a Cabinet spot in a Trump administration—seemingly set the Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation star up to criticize the real estate mogul, Baldwin surprised the SiriusXM host by going in a different direction.

"If Trump was the nominee let alone won the election...he's exactly what we deserve right now with the system we have," Baldwin said.

"There's a part of me that would love to see Trump win," he admitted. As a "huge campaign finance reform person," he added, "money has destroyed the American political system."

When Stern asked Baldwin if he's endorsing Trump, the actor didn't answer, but he instead offered up an explanation about how politicians are all "owned" by someone. Using NASCAR sponsorships as an example, Hilaria Baldwin's husband explained that all of their stickers prove that companies own them.

Alec Baldwin, Donald Trump

Getty Images

While speaking about campaign finance reform, Baldwin also criticized Democrats, including Hillary Clinton. "All of them across the board are owned by somebody," he said.

"It's the system," Stern said. "You have to raise money."

"You've got to raise sick amounts of money," Baldwin added.

Trump has been making headlines since announcing his candidacy, and continues to make waves as he publicly criticizes other candidates. Even though many have slammed him, the business magnate has found an ally in Sarah Palin, whom he said he'd like to see in his administration.

"Like me, she's got people that don't exactly love us and we understand who they are and sort of forget about that," Trump said Monday while appearing on radio show The Palin Update. "But she has a tremendously loyal group of people out there for her."

He continued to sing the former vice presidential candidate's praises, saying, "I still have people saying, 'Get Sarah's support! Get Sarah's support!' No matter where I go. Everybody loves her."

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