How I Met Your Mother, Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt

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Good news for all you who were "devastated" by Heidi Montag's "firing" last week on The Hills.

(Please imagine the biggest of all quotation marks ever around those words, as we all know it was the fakest of all fake Hills scenes!)

CBS has just confirmed that Heidi is now gainfully employed for one episode of How I Met Your Mother, following in the fancy footsteps of last season's headline-generating guest star, Britney Spears.

And you'll never guess which albatross boyfriend will be accompanying her!

Yep, Spencer. They are filming this week, and the episode is set to air in January.

So who are Heidi and Spencer playing? And what 's this about HIMYM boss Craig Thomas saying one of them is the Mother?

"We can confirm that Heidi and Spencer will appear on the show," cocreator and executive producer Thomas tells us. "But we can't give away anything specific about the episode.  All we can say is that they play themselves, and one of them is the Mother."

Ooh! I hope it's Spencer so Heidi and L.C. can run away together and be BFFs once more!

Thomas (who's clearly kidding about the whole Mother thing and bless him for it) might not be spilling more deets, but I've heard of this episode and can tell you that it, quite fittingly, revolves around poo. Yep, you heard me. Poo!

Quite specifically, it's about Marshall (Jason Segel) not being able to find a proper spot to drop a deuce at work—and apparently, that's where this deuce-y duo will step in.

According to CBS, Spencer and Heidi will be playing magazine cover versions of themselves as Marshall searches for a place to "read a magazine." Speidi will taunt and tease Marshall from the confines of his current copy of Them Weekly.

This news was first reported by our former sister wife here at WWK, Korbi.

What do you think of this latest casting poop?

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