Instagram, we need to have a chat about your search term blocking procedure, because this is getting a little ridiculous.

Mere days after unblocking #curvy following backlash, Instagram is once again causing an outrage among its users who are fighting for the reinstatement of the keyword #goddess. Apparently it's gone for no discernable reason. Usually the term "goddess" is all about celebrating positivity and loving yourself. So…what gives?

Instagram blocks search terms that don't follow their Community Guidelines, so people are speculating the #goddess tag got the ban for photos that feature the female body, but it's unclear if those photos were truly NSFW or not.

The ban has led to a movement online to #bringbackthegoddess with users sharing photos and asking Instagram to explain and reverse the ban.

Again, it's not the actual banning that bugs us as much as it is the inconsistency. If they are worried about nudity or inappropriate images, well, that doesn't make much sense because there are plenty of hashtags still enables where porn and the like can be found in plentiful numbers. So what gives?

It's probably Instagram's automated banning process, which means that it's not coming directly from Instagram but it's more of an automatic response due to users flagging or marking #goddess content as inappropriate. So the question is…who the hell has a problem with #goddess photos?

A whole Instagram movements shouldn't be punished for the few people who are either posting pornographic photos under innocent hashtags or who are flagging content that has no business being flagged. And until Instagram figures out how not to piss off a new group every day with its banned search terms, we might as well just recycle this post for future use and just change out the hashtag.

Instagram has not yet responded to our request for comment.

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