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"Veteran" baseball wife and actress JoAnna García Swisher had no problem opening up about what goes on in the bedroom with husband Nick Swisher!

Appearing on Watch What Happens Live Monday, JoAnna García participated in a classic Andy Cohen game, "Nick Disher." Of course, the majority of the questions Cohen asked had to do with the Reba alum's bedroom life with her hunky MLB husband.

When asked if she finds his baseball uniform to be a turn on, she admitted yes, but when he tried to dig deeper by asking if she brings it into the bedroom, she quipped, "I take it off into the bedroom."

Ooh la la!

Her willingness to answer his questions only prompted the Bravo host to ask even more invasive questions, like whether victory sex or loss sex is better.

"Drunk sex is the best, but victory sex is nice," she answered.

But she didn't stop there! The 35-year-old actress also admitted that they're having sex all the time. "He definitely always gets laid," she admitted, "and I'm not just saying that because I'm a jerk. We have a good situation."

Although she was very forthright in her answers about her and Nick's sex life, there were certain questions she wouldn't answer—like whom Nick doesn't miss from his former baseball teams! She must not have wanted to start any drama among the players and her wives, and even joked that if there were drama among the baseball wives, she'd pitch the show to Cohen!

She would, however, dish about one thing when it came to other baseball players. Cohen asked her whom she would want to join her and Nick in a threesome, and she was more than willing to offer up an answer!

Who was the lucky guy? Watch the video above to find out!

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