Kerry Ingram, Shireen Baratheon, Game of Thrones, Episode 509


There are some things you can never joke about to a Game of Thrones fan. And No. 1 is making fun of any character's death.

And we're not just talking about the big death we still can't stop talking about and won't stop denying that it's real (cough Jon Snow cough), but literally any death that has ever happened on the HBO fantasy series. Especially poor, sweet, innocent baby bird Shireen Baratheon's disturbing, should-have-never-happened-in-a-million-years, screw-you-Stannis death. 

Come on, this adorable little girl was burned at the stake while her parents and thousands of soldiers tasked with keeping her safe looked on and did nothing. If that scene didn't make you want to grab a pitchfork and burn everything in Westeros to the ground, then you have no heart or soul. 

But that didn't stop Kerry Ingram, who played Shireen for three seasons, from making a joke about her death way too soon. And we're not OK with it.


If we weren't so horrified by the meaning behind the joke, we'd be hysterically laughing. We think. Because clearly, Ingram's got jokes. Maybe a comedy with less death and torture should be her next career move?

But for now, ouch, our hearts. Don't go around just throwing these mean jokes at us with no warning! We're still in mourning...and we definitely have not been able to go to any bonfires this summer. Our social lives have taken a hit, show some respect!

And Ingram knows her joke hit a little too close to home for Game of Thrones fans, since she took to Twitter again to apologize for her joke.

"Sorry guys, I'm at a BBQ with friends and family and couldn't help it," she tweeted. "Just my sense of humour so sorry if you thought it was too soon #lol"

We're not laughing. (OK, we're laughing a little.)

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