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Just like us men and women, hairbrushes come in all shapes and sizes.

Most of us probably have one or two mane-tamers that we are guilty of employing on the regular for multi-purpose use. However, not investing in the right tools can actually do more harm than good when it comes to the health of your hair. 

While there's an endless list of brush options out there, we're taking a hard look at our haircare needs and stocking our bathroom drawers accordingly.  

For Precise Parts: Putting your hair up in a milkmaid twist or styling beach braids for a summer wedding? Use the tail-end of a rattail comb to section off hair and create perfect parts. Pro tip: Hairspray the rattail end and smooth over pesky flyaways to instantly tame.

For Wet Hair: For those in-the-shower moments when you want to rake through conditioned strands for extra polish, protect your wet, fragile tresses by picking a wide tooth combPro tip: You can also use it out of the shower to un-tease dry hair by starting underneath, sectioning off and gently unteasing each section from root to end.

For Voluminous Blowouts: The key to an extra bouncy, classic blowout is a large-sized round brush. Just make sure that the barrel is ceramic and vented at the center for a quick heat-up time. Pro tip: Opt for a version that has a mixture of boar bristles (for added shine) and synthetic bristles (for anti-frizz control) for a ‘do that lasts.

For Curls: This compact perforated ceramic barrel has the same idea as the larger version, but the size makes all the difference when going for curls. Pro tip: To avoid a dated, flipped-under blowout, concentrate on the ends holding the brush vertically giving an extra twist of the wrist as you go. 

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For Sleek Blowouts: The paddle brush is best for medium to long hair, with an end game of nixing the volume. With a cushioned base, this large square footage brush prevents breakage by giving way when met with resistance. Pro tip: For stick-straight hair sans straightener, ditch the round brush all together teaming this shape with your blow dryer.

For Detangling: For all hair types, the Tangle Teezer has a cult-following, and for good reason. Even the toughest, most-hairsprayed of dry hair is no match for this bargain-priced miracle worker. Pro tip: Use this tool to also massage your scalp and generate bloodflow, which promotes hair growth. 

For Teasing: Enter the teasing brush, best used for achieving full-bodied, dramatic styles. The small head and close-knit bristles make it easy to target roots for big volume. Pro tip: A good trick for hair with shorter layers, use this tool to hair section by section and backcombing and adding volume.

For Natural Shine: A quality boar bristle brush (we love Mason Pearson) is worth the splurge because the more expensive versions offer thicker, stiffer bristles for a very worth-it boost in shine. Pro tip: Use this brush as your a final step, smoothing out tight curls or adding a bit of wanted texture to flat hair.

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