George Hamilton, Kimberly Stewart & Their Wild Family Held Nothing Back on Stewarts & Hamiltons Premiere—Get the Recap!

The Stewarts & Hamiltons shared their crazy family dynamic!

By Carrie Dilluvio Jul 27, 2015 6:33 PMTags

Talk about a family tree!

Stewarts & Hamiltons premiered on Sunday leaving us laughing, crying and over all intrigued.  The reality series focuses on Alana Stewart and George Hamilton's extremely modern family.

Here's the breakdown:

During Alana's first marriage to George Hamilton, they had Ashley Hamilton. They later divorced and Alana got remarried (to a rather famous singer), and together they had Kimberly Stewart and her brother Sean Stewart. That marriage eventually ended and meanwhile George had another son, George Hamilton Jr. also known as GT. Make sense? You'll catch on soon enough.

The biggest kicker? They're all super close and do not see each other any less than full family members. You can see their intimate family dynamic in the clip below: 

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Another important member of this big family is Kimberly's roommate, Dean. He's not related to the family directly and Kimberly claims they aren't dating, but Dean is that family friend that is always around. 

In the hilarious scene below, Dean and Kimberly get extremely candid and talk to GT about losing his virginity. See for yourself: 

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Meanwhile, Ashley Hamilton has a new girlfriend that he's bringing around the family, Sean Stewart is making trouble and stirring the pot between family members, Alana is helping Kimberly find love and so much more! 

We can hardly wait to see what this crazy family has in store...

Tune-in to Stewarts & Hamiltons Sundays at 9/8c only on E!