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Before we dive into this, it's very important you go back and read up on the incredible Pixar timeline theory. Basically, the theory insists that every single Pixar movie is connected and exists in the same Universe. You can get the play-by-play info on that mind-blowing notion in our comprehensive Disney and Pixar urban legends and theories list. We'll wait.

And you're back! Hi! Now that you're read up on how the Pixar timeline essentially starts with Brave and ends with Monsters, Inc. and that Boo from Monsters, Inc. becomes the witch in Brave (we really hope you read the theory or else you are totally lost right now), it's time to discuss where Pixar's latest film, Inside Out, fits in.

Inside Out

Walt Disney Pictures

Not only does Jon Negroni, the man behind the original timeline theory (he even has a book about it!) have a perfect explanation for Inside Out's placement, but he also has a pretty good reason to believe that a certain character isn't actually gone for good.

You can read his amazingly detailed reasons for where Inside Out belongs in the timeline on MoviePilot, but the gist is this:

Inside Out takes place in the present based on the technology they use (FaceTime, smart phones, etc.), which would put it right before or during the events of Finding Nemo in the timeline. Monsters, Inc. takes place after humans destroy the world in Wall-E, which is why monsters have to travel back in time through doors to harvest energy. Energy meaning laughter or…joy.

Obviously Riley has mostly joyful memories, making her a great candidate for harvesting energy from the Monsters, Inc. team. So it stands to reason that Riley was visited by a monster when she was younger. A monster that made her laugh and became a precious friend to her. Someone like…

Bing Bong?

Bing Bong GIFs


Yes, this theory suggests that Bing Bong wasn't just an imaginary friend, but a Monsters, Inc. employee that Riley loved and interacted with as a very young girl. Now in present day, Riley simply remembers Bing Bong as an imaginary friend and not as an actual monster she played with. So Inside Out takes place in present day and is directly connected Monsters, Inc. time-traveling universe.

Could that mean that Bing Bong is a living, breathing creature somewhere in Monsters, Inc.'s world and not just an imaginary friend who disappeared from Riley's subconscious? Possibly.

Oh, yes. Let's get to those Easter Eggs that appear in every Pixar movie and serve as the driving force behind this theory. Here are some of the big Easter Eggs spotted by Jon Negroni in Inside Out thus far that proves it's in the timeline as well:

•Some of Riley's memories shown in the background show scenes from Carl and Ellie's life in Up. Does that mean Riley's family has a possible connection to their characters?
•There is a banner in Riley's hockey rink featuring a Tri-County team. Tri-County is the setting for Toy Story.
•Cars in the movie have bumper stickers from the movie Cars
•The globe in Riley's classroom is also the very same globe from every single Toy Story film.

What do you think of this Inside Out theory? Could Bing Bong really be alive and well??

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