Sex, Lies, Glamour and Revenge—Get the Dramatic First Look at Season Two of The Royals

Wake us up when it's November.

By Carrie Dilluvio Jul 24, 2015 4:00 PMTags

Loyals, it's here. The official first look at season two of The Royals has arrived and it's everything you'd want to see and more. 

William Moseley explains, "Liam's driven to avenge his father's death. Whatever it costs. No one's going to stand in his way." 

Just when you thought they couldn't throw any more at us, Alexandra Park admits, "It doesn't slow down."

"Queen Helena does indeed do villainous things and now Prince Cyrus has become the King of England," Elizabeth Hurley shares. 

Spoiler Alert:

In the season one finale, we saw the tragic death of King Simon. Creator Mark Schwahn explained that there are three major plot points that are driving us into season two. Firstly, who is responsible for the murder of the king? Secondly, what is Domino? And finally, are Prince Liam and Princess Eleanor truly illegitimate? He added that in season two, "We're going to answer all those questions."  

But now we have to wait until November... FML.

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The Royals returns for season two this November to E!