Michael Ian Black, who starred in Wet Hot American Summer almost 15 years ago, discussed working on the set of the Netflix prequel series (prequel, 15 years later, whatever), and he had quite a few hilariously rude things to say.

First and foremost, Michael isn't reprising his role of McKinley to have fun. "A lot of people came to do a comedy, 'let's have fun.' No. If I wanted to have fun I'd go to Six Flags," he told E! News at the Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp premiere last night in New York.

"I'm not there to have fun, I'm there to work. I'm there to make people sweat. I'm there to scream. And why? In the service of getting the best possible product."


And he had quite the critique for Elizabeth Banks, who plays the hypersexual Lindsay. "Liz Banks is a bit of a bitch," Black said, deadpan. "Little bit of a bitch. I mean since Hunger Games it's been, 'Hunger Games this, my friend J.Lo', J.Law whatever her name is."

OK, our sides were hurting a little bit by this point...

As for Paul Rudd, who plays apathetic mega-douche Andy...

"Who's aged the best?" Black fired back when we asked what we thought was an innocent question. "You know that magazine about Paul Rudd, that whole interactive thing you could click on the two faces to see which was from '99 and which was from 2007. Surprisingly hard. So f--k that guy. F--k that guy...To their faces I was like, 'Oh my God! It's so great to see you!' F--k that guy. Ant-Man. Go f--k yourself, Paul Rudd."

Wet Hot American Summer, Paul Rudd

USA Films; Netflix

Michael Ian Black, voted Most Likely to Win Friends and Influence People at Summer Camp, obviously.

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp premiers July 31 on Netflix. Get ready to binge watch!

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