Watch Nick Jonas Get All Chained Up Performing "Chains" at London Gay Bar

“I love you all, thank you so much for letting me be here tonight,” the singer said to the crowd at G-A-Y on Saturday night

By Baker Machado Jul 21, 2015 5:07 PMTags

Look Nick Jonas, we get it. You really love doing showy performances for your gay fans and we are totally here for it. Just when we think Nick has been as outrageous as he can be, he does something even more over-the-top that has us fawning back for more.

One month after replacing Iggy Azalea at Pittsburgh Pride, Jonas appeared at London's G-A-Y nightclub last weekend and performed his single "Chains" in, get this, chains. 

Yes, you have our attention. 

"We gotta do something special for the G-A-Y audience right, come on," Jonas said as two drag queens chained his arms and legs across the stage. 

Jo Hale/Redferns

After his performance was over, Jonas said "I love you all, thank you so much for letting me be here tonight. There is no better place to spend a Saturday night than at G-A-Y." 

Which made all of us jealous over what our plans were last weekend. 

Jo Hale/Redferns

When asked why the gay community is so important to him, Jonas told Attitude magazine, "I was speaking to some of my very close gay friends as I was making the record, and they told me I should really make the effort to embrace my gay audience as it's bigger than I might think. There should be more of it. There should be more heterosexual male artists who are comfortable to attract a gay audience and do it in a way that's authentic. With me, it comes from a very genuine and loving place."

And we will gladly take you, especially if you are chained. 

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