Barack Obama

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

This choosing-an-Obama-family-dog thing just got a lot more complicated. Now it has to be both hypoallergenic and a "mutt" like the president-elect. So keep that in mind when the topic comes up at your dinner parties or whatever this weekend.

Apparently, Britney was pretty terrified about performing with Madonna, and then all she had to say about it were nine measly words.

As far as Justin Timberlake is concerned, there are such things as dumb questions and they involve marriage and Jessica Biel.

Beyoncé's just putting it out there that she would very much like to play Wonder Woman.

Amy Winehouse isn't paying for no stinkin' rehab for a husband who won't even tell her he's outta jail.

Suri sez have a nice weekend!

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