If you haven't heard that Ariana Grande licked doughnuts, hates America and is an advocate against childhood obesity but actually loves America, now you have.

In the wake of #Doughnutgate, F--k Your Feelings YouTube star Meghan Tonjes posted a video titled "Hate the Donut, Not the Fatty," in which she argues that Ariana's apology "takes focus off the fact that she licked some doughnuts in a store and that's f--king gross and threw fat people up as the reason everything is awful."

Meghan points out the hypocrisy of fat-shaming, noting, "If I were 120 pounds eating pizza in my underwear, I'd be 'quirky' and 'cute' and 'real.' But if I'm 300 pounds and eating pizza in my underwear, people are like, 'You're killing yourself, you're disgusting, you're everything that's wrong with America.'"

Meghan Tonjes

Paul Redmond/Getty Images

She continues, "I'm not saying that [Ariana] doesn't have a great point about the food industry or the quality of food that we have...but if you want to sit here and believe that it's the fat people in America who are doing this, it's not."

Tonjes tells E! News, "The conversation about the food industry is important, but it's more nuanced than 'fat people are bad.' It's easy to point at a fat person and assign their health, lifestyle and ultimately their worth. But it removes personal responsibility and it takes away energy from dealing with actual issues in the food industry. Food deserts, nutrition in schools, access to physical and emotional health across lines of race, sexuality and class."

She adds, "I honestly felt like Ariana felt backed into a corner with her own actions and in trying to explain why she said what she said, she missed an opportunity to deal with what she did. Now, I've also seen the video she uploaded where she recognizes that her point about the food industry, while valid, wasn't said at the right time. I think she's young and she said what she said in an offhand moment.

"She probably saw them push out a tray of donuts and felt frustrated by something she saw as gluttonous and over the top."

And we can all still hope that Ariana learned something about self-control that ultimately doesn't have anything to do with food at all.

Watch Joel McHale take on Ariana Grande's Doughnutgate in epic rant:

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