Did True Detective Just Break Up With Us?

Ray Velcoro might be breaking up with us before we can break up with this show

By Sydney Bucksbaum Jul 20, 2015 2:49 AMTags
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With only three episodes left in season two, you'd think True Detective would have picked up some steam by now. But instead, HBO's critically-acclaimed drama served up another hour filled with nothing but long-winded conversations about...well, we're still not sure!

But before we could even think about breaking up with the disappointing season two, Colin Farrell...sorry, Ray Velcoro beat us to it. 

Tonight's confusing episode ended with Ray driving to Frank's (Vince Vaughn) new, downsized home—he's still having some major money problems—to confront him about how Frank lied to Ray all those years ago when he gave Ray the name of the man who raped his wife. Turns out, he gave him the wrong name!


The real rapist was running free, raping other women until he was arrested a few weeks ago, meaning Ray killed the wrong man in revenge. So when Ray sat down with Frank in his kitchen, he said the words every single person in a relationship dreads: "We need to talk."

Is this show about to break up with us?! We wouldn't mind it that much, seeing as how, five hours in, we still have no idea what's happening. This week, we learned that the corruption in Vinci is still going strong, even after a two month time jump. And our three True Detectives are no longer in any position to fight it.

Ani (Rachel McAdams) is stuck in sexual harrassment meetings and logging evidence, no longer in the field. Paul (Taylor Kitsch) is working insurance fraud, and isn't on his bike anymore...and we all know he just wants to ride his bike! And Ray quit his job, and is now working "security" for Frank...although after learning the truth about what went down all those years ago, we bet Ray won't be working for Frank for that much longer.


So where does that leave us? Ani's old boss rounded up the three of them to put the team back together...this time, on the downlow, so whoever broke them up the first time wouldn't know they're still investigating Caspere's murder. So we're back to square one! 

And the True Detectives aren't doing any better in their personal lives. Ray's ex-wife ordered a paternity test on their son, and since he no longer works for the city, for some reason he's getting evicted from his house. Paul apparently stashed $20,000 in cash in his mother's home from his time in Afghanistan, and in the four years since he's been back she's stolen and spent it all. And Ani, well, her life was never sunshine and rainbows, so she's still doing pretty much the same. Just drinking more.

We're going to need something to happen next week, otherwise, we're not sure what this entire season has been building to. 

True Detective airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.