How to Layer Jewelry, According to Hollywood Style Experts

Tips on how to stack necklaces, rings and bracelets

By Diana Nguyen Jul 17, 2015 12:26 AMTags
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Any style savant knows jewelry can make or break an outfit.

But between all the over-the-top statement jewelry on the market and the popularity of the less-is-more trend, we're confused about the appropriate bling ratio.

Well, according to E! Style Collective fashion expert Lindsay Albanese, there's no such scientific formula. The celebrity stylist stopped by E! News to share some key pointers.

The most important tip? Do as you please. "Just pile it on," suggested the pro. The amount of accessories you wear is a testament to your personal style.

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Jewelry designer Melinda Maria, whose pieces have been seen on the likes of Emma StoneJennifer Lopez and Charlize Theron, agreed.

"I try not to limit myself to any sort of rules," the designer said. "I tend to wear whatever makes me the happiest!"

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Should you want to layer it on like Cara Delevingne or Rosie-Huntington Whiteley, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

Create some space: "For necklaces, make sure you have different lengths," said Melinda. "I start with a 16-inch [piece] that sits high on the neckline and go down a few inches for every layer. It creates a dynamic look, but it also makes sure they don't get tangled!"

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Keep like with like: "For the wrist, I love wearing either three big cuffs on a single wrist or a stack of bangles that really pack a punch," the designer suggested. Also, keep in mind similar shapes.

Maintain balance: "If you have a big stack of bracelets, go simple with a delicate personal necklace and a few simple rings," Melinda recommended. "If you love layering necklaces and stacking rings, take a simple approach and have a single cuff on one wrist."

Think of the season: "Layering in the summer should be fun and upbeat, so play with some added colored stones," the designer added. "I love mixing turquoise with labradorite, especially because they tend to highlight each other's best tones."

For more jewelry styling tips, watch the video above.

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