Samantha Bee wanted to show the world that male models are more than just "ridiculously good looking," as Zoolander stereotyped, so she teamed up with Amazon Fashion at the inaugural Men's Fashion Week to interview some and disprove the theories that they're all "magnificent doofs."

In the hilarious video, the comedienne attends designer Robert Geller's casting where she meets several hotties, or as she put it, "There are abs everywhere."

Initially overwhelmed by the beauty, the former Daily Show correspondent asked one model, "Where were you originally discovered: Abercrombie & Fitch or the Kingdom of Asgard?"

But Bee soon realized there was a problem plaguing these hard-working models: They aren't nearly as respected in their industry as women are. When she found out Men's Fashion Week was only three days long, she knew she had a bigger calling.

"Oh my God you're kidding me," she gasped. "They didn't even give you a full week?"

Samantha Bee, Male Model


Then, in her voice over, she said she knew what she had to do.

"That's when I realized I wasn't just here to celebrate the first Men's Fashion Week," she continued. "I needed to expose the world to these brave trailblazers, whose long fight for male model equality is not yet complete."

In order to expose the world to their hardships, she asked several to weigh in on what they typically have to "suffer through" on a given shoot.

"They have to go to like parties," one explained.

"A lot of times there are very few official lunch breaks," another said. But that one surprised Bee.

"You guys get lunch?" she asked.

Gosh, it really is a tough life.

She asked another model what look is "in" right now, and his answers were also hysterical.

"Shaved otter," he described before adding, "Very kind of alien-looking."

Watch the video above to witness Bee examine the true plight of the male model, and even get a little bit handsy with them LOL. 

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