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Lost and 24 are upping their sexy. Word's come in this morning that both hit midseason series are casting pretty new females.

The hot Reiko Aylesworth, of 24 fame (and former real-life Kiefer flame), is currently in negotiations to join Lost, according to sources. Word is, she will stick around for at least four episodes in the upcoming fifth season of ABC's award-winning drama.

So who is she playing? And who's joining 24?

Earlier this week, casting calls went out for a smart, female professional in her 30s who would be a possible love interest for one of the characters. And despite her best efforts and love letters to Josh, Daniel, Matthew, Naveen and Jorge, it seems a certain E! correspondent who covers TV has been overlooked. According to the Hollywoood Reporter, Reiko's character, Amy, has a "love for the outdoors." Could come in handy.

Over on the mainland at CTU (on Fox's 24), Amy Price-Francis has been cast for a six-episode arc, playing a cutthroat attorney who works for this year's big villain, Jonas Hodges (Jon Voight). You won't see her in the Redemption movie (which rocks, BTW), premiering Nov. 23, but she'll appear on the upcoming seventh season of 24, set to premiere Jan. 11.

Price-Francis has also appeared on The Cleaner and Californication, and will guest star on Nip/Tuck this season.

The only question is, which Lost hottie will Reiko be sticking her mangy little paws—er, lovely and well-manicured hands—all over? (Not that we're jealous or anything.) Guesses?

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